Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jennyalogy Podcast August 2015

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Jennyalogy Podcast Show Notes

August 2015

Firstly, let me apologize for not getting a podcast out last month, but I hope this month's special edition makes up for it.

The only new resource I am talking about is the Roman Catholic parish registers for Ireland, which have been put online for free by the National Library of Ireland at As these registers contain a little Latin, you might find this link helps with the sorts of words you might find if you are not used to looking at Latin.

In this issue I talk about the recent Unlock the Past Baltic Cruise and if it wets your appetite for genealogy cruising, you can find details about the future cruises here.

One of the speakers I mention, Janet Few, has written a book covering the lifestyles of our 17th century ancestors, full of information she no doubt learnt from Master Christopher and Mistress Agnes. Janet has two websites and

During the cruise I interview Alan Phillips and Cyndi Ingle. Cyndi is the creator of Cyndi's List, which is a fantastic genealogy portal to help you find online genealogy resources.

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